Back in the day, 50s and 60s, when we picked and chopped cotton from sun up until sun down, I remember the little country stores, Marion Motes, Wallace Patterson, they were the best, treated people with respect, helped each other out in time of need, would allow families to put groceries on credit until pay day.

So nice and kind, people would visit each other back then. We played music in the front yard, the kids played games like, Annie Over, Tag, Marbles, Ring Around The Roses, Hop-scotch in the dirt, Hide-n-go-Seek. Times and people sure do change. Sometimes it’s for the best and sometimes it’s not. 

Some don’t like the good ol’ days, probably because they know they would have to work if they eat, kids included. We had chores to do. I loved those times back then. I miss the closeness of everyone. We have merchants today in Lawrence County that remind me of the people and how they treated others back then. Dollar General on Gordon Terry  out by Jack’s, are the nicest, sweetest ladies and will go any length to help someone out. Yes, we still have people that remind me of the good ol’ days.

We have lots of great merchants in Lawrence County but sometimes there are those that go that extra mile and I think they should be complimented. And also the new change at Steak and Biscuit, it’s great also. Thank you for going that extra distance.

Diane Harris


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