I am writing today in response to your “Our Opinion” section in the Nov. 30th Advertiser concerning the subject of Nosey the elephant being seized from the owner, Hugo Liebel. 

The purpose for my writing is not about Nosey, although I am against animal abuse, is to make a few parallels with your reasoning to a subject near and dear to my heart. First, to answer some people’s argument that Mr. Liebel’s livelihood depended on the elephant, you compared alleged animal abuse to human trafficking or selling narcotics, and stated that although these actions are “obviously different, …the underlying principle is largely the same. Just because someone provides for their family does not automatically justify how they go about it.” 

I AGREE and would add that doctors who perform abortions of countless babies in our state and nation parallel with the other destructive livelihoods that should not be a means used to provide for their families. 

Secondly, you also asked an interesting question, “In what weird world does trying to save an allegedly abused animal look bad?” I also have a question-In what weird world does trying to save countless murdered babies look bad!?

Lastly, you stated that the “effort” to save an allegedly abused animal “is honorable.” And you continued, “It is always honorable to try and help the voiceless and powerless, whether they are human or not.” I couldn’t agree more. The sweet little baby in the womb is voiceless and powerless to speak for himself, so we must help him and speak for him. There are many things wrong in our nation today, of which abortion of our babies is at the top of the list! How can we pray, “God bless America,” while insulting God by killing our babies? We must repent and maybe instead of praying, “God bless America,” let’s pray, “God, Make America a nation You can bless!”

Cathy Nelson


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