I had the opportunity to speak with the superintendent Nov. 27 at the Lawrence County Board of Education concerning the low number of African-American teachers and secretaries employed in the Lawrence County School System, and one of my biggest concerns is that he does not actually have a viable plan of action to address the issue.

One thing the superintendent shared is that the principals will start recruiting. However, I am unclear as to how this will solve the epidemic of the extremely low numbers of African-America being employed within the school system as teachers and secretaries. In my opinion, the proposed solution does not repair the problem, and the “idea” seems to be nothing more than a pacifier. 

But in fairness to the idea, I ask these questions: What process is in place to serve as a rubric for the principals to follow in their recruiting and what are the desired outcomes of this plan? Also, what are the actions in place to make this “idea” work? How will this idea manifest the desired results? What are your projected outcomes from this idea?  

Whereas I do see how this may be a good starting point, it is unclear to me how this “idea” alone will achieve greater diversity. This indulgence does not stop nor sooth the crying out of this egregious discrimination. 

As we are all well aware, under the current administration, the numbers of African–Americans employed in the school system are very low. What we need in Lawrence County is a superintendent that has great vision and compassion for every one and not a certain group of people – one who has love for all schools in Lawrence County and not a certain school(s). Is the superintendent on board? And if so, what’s the real plan?


Calvin Lee

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