House Bill 24 was flawed from start to finish. The school superintendent, hospital CEO and mayors whose budgets would be directly impacted found out about this legislation only after it was passed.

While we all realize the financial constraints placed upon the county commission by voters’ rejection of a sales tax increase, the commissioners’ raid upon the budgets of the schools, hospital and mayors was an unacceptable solution.

Over 2,500 residents signed a petition for repeal and refund of monies diverted by HB24. A joint resolution was signed by both outgoing and incoming superintendents, the hospital CEO and every mayor in the county calling for repeal and return of any diverted funds.

After consultation with all parties and with the entire legislative delegation, Senator Paul Bussman, realizing the unacceptable flaws in HB24, committed to repeal.

He and other members of our legislative delegation are to be commended for their prompt and responsible response to the public outcry in opposition to this flawed legislation.


Dr. Charles Borden,


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