I love animals, all animals, but I have three favorites: elephants, dogs, and horses. 

I have studied up on all the animals I love, and elephants have the best memory. They also have feelings of compassion for their own and for the people they love. 

If anyone mistreats an elephant they will never forget it. If an elephant is taken away from their abuser and their abuser comes around again, the elephant will let you know if that person has abused them. The elephant will act up and try to either get away from them or try and go after them for all the hurt they caused.

I believe Nosey was a bit frightened when she was found in the trailer not knowing what would happen to her. An abused animal becomes accustom to that treatment, especially if it started when the animal was young.

Nosey needs a permanent home. She’s been through enough. Let the owner see her, and if Nosey has been abused, you will know by the way she acts around him.

Thanks for allowing me to share. I hate abuse of any kind and we have way too much of it going on in the world.

Diane Harris - a friend of Nosey. Even though she doesn’t know me, in my heart, I love her.

Diane Harris


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From a fellow animal lover, I respect your kindness toward all living beings.
However, Nosey does not need to see Mr. Liebel to prove to the world the abuse and pain he has caused her all her life. It's all out there, on YouTube and several other sites. Heart wrenching videos of Mr. Liebel using the bullhook on her. Her legs shackled in chains so she can barely move. The weight of too many bodies piled on her back, even though she is in pain, giving rides to people day after day. This, all of it, is abuse. She has suffered quite enough. Keep Liebel far away from her.


Beautifully stated. I'm an animal lover too. But I don't think Nosey needs to see Mr. Liebel to prove to the world the pain and abuse he has caused her her entire life.
Mr. Liebel's abuse of Nosey is well documented. Thirty years of it. Check out YouTube and you will see how skilled with the bullhook he is. You will also see Nosey shackled at the ankles with chains, barely able to move. And the weight of too many bodies on her arthritic back, giving rides to oblivious people, day after day after day.
The thirty years of abuse from Mr. Liebel is all out there for the world to see.
Nosey should never have to lay eyes on her abuser ever again.

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