A few days ago, Senator Shelby and Senator Strange voted for Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency in spite of enormous outcry against Pruitt and a mountain of well-known knowledge of his actions against environmental protections. 

Pruitt, former Attorney General of Oklahoma, left his own state fracked and quaking. Our senators voted against clean water, clean air, safe drinking water, the common good of Americans and the health of our planet itself.

Our senators are public servants elected to work for us. Their recent choices show no evidence that they are even remotely aware of that fact. We constituents in Alabama, whom they are morally obliged to serve, and all Americans, will pay mightily for those choices. 

Their votes for Pruitt gave us a “leader” whose goal is to weaken the EPA, do away with the rules that protect us from pollution and allow de-regulation of industry. 

Shelby and Strange threw under the bus every child in America who struggles with asthma; every American who relies on the Safe Drinking Water Act for drinkable water; every American who depends on the Clean Air Act for good health and breathable air; every human and every other living creature that can good only thrive with unpolluted streams, rivers, lakes and oceans protected by the Clean Water Act; all who rely on food not toxified by polluting agricultural and industrial practices. 

We were ALL thrown under the bus by our senators’ votes for Pruitt, who does not even know that mercury is a deadly toxin.

Don’t even politicians need clean water and clean air to survive? 

Our members of Congress are not doing their jobs. They are not standing up for the American people. It’s our job to let them know we are watching. 

A watchful voter eagerly anticipating the next election,

Janice Barrett,


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