I see that there has been a priority placed in athletics as we are trying to fix everything as it relates to football, but what about the low number of African-American teachers in the Lawrence County school system?  East Lawrence High School especially. There you have only one African American teacher and they’re in the physical education department? There is no one in the academic arena! Are you purposely excommunicating African Americans from the Lawrence County Board of Education’s employ? What will it take to get your attention and action on this matter? Are African Americans only good for our physical prowess on the field? Letters can be written forever, injustice fought forever, but how long does it take to show the proponent of injustice that doing the right thing will benefit us all? Why don’t you want to improve in this area? 

Perhaps if you were to think about if the tables were turned and it was members of your race being affected by the decisions of those in power to make decisions that could be life changing for all mankind. Please do not receive this as an insult to your character, I am only asking you to view this pressing situation in a different way. Let us work together to correct a flaw in the system. There are thousands of African American men and women out there who are not only qualified but highly capable of teaching and training our children, our future generations to become some of the greatest minds in the world. To show our youth that diversity is a great tool for knowledge, growth, prosperity, and unification. Let us begin this journey to access the potential of others, promote diversity and positive growth within the Lawrence County School System. 

Considering the numbers, I don’t believe this to be an unreasonable request. That being said, if we continue down the road that we are currently traveling, we will eventually arrive at a dead end. And when our children grow up and choose to leave Lawrence County, Alabama, they will carry with them a level ignorance and intolerance that will be an embarrassment to the legacy of the Lawrence County School System.

Calvin Lee


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Seems like an unreasonable request to me. The hiring staff should be making decisions based on capability and availability. They must not hire someone based on skin color. I believe there is a term for that. You know, when preference is given to a race. Staff must fill vacancies in the system with the most capable applicants that are available. That is what is best for students. It serves no purpose to hold a position open based on skin color. I'll say that it again. It serves no purpose, especially to the students. Reducing people down to nothing more than skin color, is perpetuating racism. Hiring should be done based on what actually makes people individuals, and is the fabric of real diversity, their minds.

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