I sound like a scratched record…The Lawrence County Board of Education has not been fair as it relates to the hiring of African American people. In this county there are no African American Assistant Principles, no African Americans in central office, no African American councilors, and a low rate of African American teachers. Furthermore, there is only one African American male in Administration. This administration feels that this is okay, as it relates to African Americans in the LC school system. 

It appears that this superintendent continues to employ only his friends, and it is time for us to start searching for a new superintendent that shows compassion for everyone instead of one that only looks out for his friends. 

Also, there has only been one black female hired as a principle at East Lawrence Elementary School.  In my opinion, he feels as if this is enough to keep us silent. 

People, whether or not you have children in the Lawrence County System, speak up, call the LCBOE, write letters, inquire about this injustice. They (the LC Board of Education and the Superintendent in particular) need to know from more than one voice that there is a deeply embedded problem within the Lawrence County School hiring practices.

I am one man, one voice, to them, I am but one busy bee but if they are bombarded with letters, and phone calls we become a collective LION’S ROAR an EARTHQUAKE undeniably insisting to be heard! If you think that the current behavior and hiring practices of the current LC Board of Ed and its Superintendent are NOT OK, SPEAK ON IT! Don’t let injustice continue to happen to your children any further! 

Calvin Lee,


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