A community such as Lawrence County can come together when a tragedy strikes, like the devastating April 27, 2011 tornadoes which tore our neighbors and families homes and lives apart.

We all at some level pitched in and showed up and cleaned up and built up not just our homes, but strangers who were our neighbors as well. Why? Because we cared.

So if we can come together in a disaster without meeting around the Commissioner’s table asking for direction and money, but just being willing to come together and help, then why can’t we do it now?

Call it what you want, but the animal shelter situation in the county is a tragedy in itself.

It’s time as a community that we come together with our hands ready and our pockets too.

One person can’t do it along, it has to be a group effort to give these animals a well-deserved home. Truth be known, we have had a deaf ear and blinded eyes for a long time.

It got out of hand way before 2015. Animals can’t talk, and didn’t ask to be born but they can show affection and pain when they hurt.

So if commissioners say they have the land, please take a stand and come together for Lawrence County. Let’s pitch in, show up, organize it, rally for it, stand side by side with strangers and build the best animal shelter around.

We keep reading over and over how there’s no money to build this shelter, but with the right people and the right organization to get started, people in Lawrence County can do anything.


Alton Heflin,


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