The U.S Constitution protects a citizen’s right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Included in the pursuit of happiness is the protection of property. Education is intellectual property and the state should offer an education that makes life and liberty worth pursuing. 

However, the Lawrence County School Board has seemed to act more like Nazi Germany rather than America by refusing to rise to the mandates of the day to institute fairness and equity and hiring qualified teachers. 

We are getting ready to approach election time in Lawrence County. Those who refuse to wear masks also are refusing to hire qualified minority teachers and this should not be! 

Let us ask ourselves, has this superintendent been fair as it relates to hiring African American teachers and placing African American teachers in the central office? 

We must go to the polls and vote for a superintendent that will be fair to all regarding their race, religion, and the color of their skin. We must engage in diversity in the school system as it relates to employment and being fair to everybody. We need someone who will get away from the “Buddy System”. We need a superintendent that in fact will help the citizens of Lawrence County and will allow everybody to have equality in the workplace. 

Let us remember that Lawrence County is still under court order and there are still guidelines that the school district must follow when advertising a job. Job positions are advertised in various places. 

Also during the election, we must remind ourselves that not only do Black Lives Matter but also it’s our responsibility as Christians and Americans to hold fast to the tenants of the Constitution. Not having fair hiring practices in education is unconstitutional and un-American. Why not hire qualified African American teachers?

Calvin Lee


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