County hosts summer volleyball tournament

Rylee Phillips sends a ball back

There was plenty of volleyball action going on Tuesday when Lawrence County played host to a summer volleyball tournament. 

The tournament was hosted by Lawrence County High School and also featured fellow county schools Hatton and East Lawrence. 

Other schools that attended were Danville, Deshler, Lauderdale County, Central, West Limestone, Ardmore and Muscle Shoals High School. 

“We like to get as many schools as we can to come in,” said Lawrence County head coach Robyn Hutto. “It’s a lot of fun because some we haven’t seen in a while. Like Danville, this was their first time coming to our new gym.” 

This wasn’t the first summer play date tournament the Red Devils have hosted, but they certainly have perfected it. 

“The first time they allowed us to do this it was so foreign to us,” Hutto said. “But it’s become a big deal for us, we’ve been able to get a lot of people in.” 

The playdates are a big deal for Hatton and East Lawrence as both teams are breaking in new coaches. 

“I think these are huge for us and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how we’ve played,” said new Hatton head coach Amy Speegle. “I knew we had talent, and we’ve seen things we need to work on, but we’re ahead of where I thought we would be.” 

Speegle is the new head coach but was an assistant for the Hornets last year. That made the play dates maybe even more important for East Lawrence’s Whitney Hackett. 

“It’s really good because we’re able to come in here and learn about each other,” Hackett said. “Nothing is set in stone so we’re moving people around and just getting to know each other.” 

Of course, while Hutto will be returning for Lawrence County, her team still has plenty of youth. 

“Our ball control and passing, which has been our bread and butter here, has to get better,” Hutto said. “But really that just comes from lack of experience. The coach in me wants it to be perfect, but in reality, we’re a young team and we’re getting better. We still have a

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