Graves finishes as county’s top runner at Jesse Owens

Carson Graves finished as the top cross country runner from Lawrence County this past weekend at the Jesse Owens Classic at the Oakville Indian Mounds. Graves finished in ninth place of the green division Ally Amerson, also from Hatton, finished as the second runner in 18 place.

The Jesse Owens classic brings teams and runners from all over the southeast to Lawrence County Alabama. 

At the Oakville Indian Mounds Saturday, Hatton’s Carson Graves came out on top as the top runner from the county. 

Graves finished in 9th place of the boy’s green division race with a time of 17:31.34. Jairo Lopez finished 21. 

Hatton’s Ally Amerson finished 18 in the green division with a time of 22:06.86. Neidyn Lopez and Alondra Aranda, both also from Hatton, weren’t far behind, finishing 24 and 25 respectively. 

In the gold division, Lawrence County’s Emily Daniel finished 39 in her last Jesse Owens Classic. LC’s Savannah Williams also cracked the top 50 at 49. 

On the boys side, Steele Joiner from Lawrence County finished 36 in the gold division. 

Team wise the Hatton girls finished 5 while the Hatton boys and Lawrence County girls both finished in 12. 

Coleman Garner was East Lawrence's top runner, finishing at 84. 

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