Lady Devils come back to top East Lawrence

McKenzie Hyche pitches for the Lawrence County Red Devils

In a game that was completely different than their first encounter, East Lawrence had Lawrence County on the ropes last Thursday. 

However, they couldn’t hold them down forever as the Lady Devils came back to snag the win. 

Lawrence County defeated the Eagles 5-4 in extra innings last Thursday evening. East Lawrence led 4-0 at one point but the Red Devils scored four runs in the final two innings of regulation and then scored the go ahead run to win the game in the eighth inning. 

It was a much tighter game than their previous 12-1 win over the Eagles. A game that saw them forced to scratch and claw for the win. 

“The first five innings we didn’t even come close to getting on base. Our approaches at the plate weren’t bad, (Briley) Pitt was just pitching a great game,” said Lawrence County head coach Courtney Lovelady. “In the sixth inning our leadoff got us started with a hit and it was like a ripple effect. Everyone just followed suit after that.” 

After three scoreless innings, East Lawrence broke the drought when Briley Pitt slammed a two run homer. Brooklyn Letson also notched a two RBI single to give the Eagles a four run lead. 

Meanwhile, Pitt was excellent in the circle, but the strong hiting Devils eventually broke through in the sixth. 

The Red Devils notched two singles and two doubles in the inning, including an RBI single by Hayley Clemons. They managed just one run, but the dam had been broken. 

In the final inning, the Red Devils scored three runs to tie the game. Audrie Sandlin homered to get things going and Rylie Terry and Patti-Anne Smith added an RBI double and single respectively. 

The Red Devils completed the comeback in an extra eighth inning when Madelyn Ray drove home Smith for the go ahead run. 

“I was super proud to see us comeback,” Lovelady said. “We were coming off a big win and had beaten them 12-1 last time so we could have easily just laid down. They hit the ball well and played much better than us the first five innings. But I was proud of the way we stepped up and closed the game out.” 

East Lawrence’s Briley Pitt was strong in the circle, finishing with 11 strikeouts and holding them scoreless in the first five innings. Unfortunately, the Eagles just ran out of steam late. 

“I thought she pitched a great game for us,” said East Lawrence head coach Don Smith. “The thing is when you bat through the lineup a couple times when they come around for the third time they’re going to make adjustments. They’re a strong hitting team and they made the right adjustments.” 

“I think late in the game Pitt missed a few spots here and there but mostly it was just them hitting balls in gaps that you can’t do anything about,” he continued. “But compared to our last game with them I thought we played very well. We don’t see this as us losing, we’re just giving them the credit for winning.”

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