Lawrence County finishes second, Hatton third, at Pepsi Challenge

All three county schools competed in the Pepsi Challenge on Sat. Above: Neidyn Lopez;

The Lawrence County girls cross country team had a big day Saturday, finishing in second place of the large school race of the Pepsi Challenge. 

The Pepsi Challenge is an annual race hosted by the Red Devils in Moulton. 

“The race went great,” said Stanley Johnson, head coach of the Red Devils and the race director. “It brought a lot fo extra people into Moulton.” 

Emily Daniel led the charge, finishing second of all runners.  The Williams siblings, Savannah add Taylor came in fifth and sixth respectively, allowing the Devils to secure second behind 7A James Clemens, but in front of Scottsboro (last year’s state champion in 5A),  in the race. 

“Scottsboro will be tougher by the end of the year because they have a strong junior high girls team and they will move girls up,” said Johnson. “But overall I thought the girls performed exceptionally well and I was very pleased with finishing second. The boys raced hard as well, we still have a ways to go, but we’ll get there.” 

Hatton’s girls, who will also be vying for a state title this year, had a rough day to some unfortunate circumstances. During their race, the course leader took them down the JV course instead of varsity, which threw them off their pace. 

All-State runner Ally Amerson, who usually finishes in the top three at least, finished just seventh in the race. Neidyn Lopez finished 16 and Hatton still managed to finish third as a team. However, it was surely not the start of the season they would have wanted. 

The Lawrence County boys finished in seventh of their race. Steele Joiner was the top runner for the Devils, coming in at eighth in the race. Hatton’s finished in sixth with Carson Graves coming in at 10. East Lawrence’s boys finished 14 in the race. 

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