It was a just a jamboree but the Hatton Hornets still managed to get the win over Lawrence County 6-0 in the varsity portion Friday night. 

A 45-yard bomb from Briley Kerby to Ridge Harrison on the first play of the game was the lone score as the weather quickly turned sour. 

The win won't count towards anything but both teams and coaches were happy to be back competing. 

"We were just glad to be able to hit a team wearing a different color," said Hatton head coach Denton Bowling. "This is a glorified scrimmage, but we needed it. Being a small school it's hard to simulate that in practice with so many guys going both ways." 

Lawrence County head coach Rich Dutton wasn't phased by the score on the board, rather just excited that his guys got some playing time. 

"We've got a lot of new guys. A new quarterback and a n completely revamped defense, especially in the secondary," Dutton said. "What we needed was to get as many guys as we could game experience and that's what we got." 

A win over a 5A school, even if it doesn't count, will give a lot of confidence to the Hornets. 

"The kids went out there and competed at a high level against a 5A program that has had success in recent years," Bowling said. "I had a kid come off the field and tell me 'coach I think we have a chance to be a pretty good football team.' That's the confidence builder you're looking for in a game like this."

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