Mistakes doom East Lawrence in loss to Sulligent

East Lawrence running back Cayden Rivers runs the ball Friday vs. Sulligent. 

East drops mistakes filled loss to Sulligent

Caleb Suggs

SULLIGENT – On the very first play of the game, East Lawrence lost an onside kick.

The Eagles never recovered.

One mistake spiraled into another, resulting a season opening 28-7 loss to the Sulligent Blue Devils.

Riding high off their best season in school history, the Eagles fell back to Earth hard Friday night.

First year head coach Sean Holt, who served as the team’s defensive coordinator the past three seasons, said Friday night was a result of previous success.

“I felt like it was hard to get them to understand that last year’s success doesn’t equal success this year without being negative,” Holt said. “Now they’ve seen first-hand. Now I can have a real talk with them.”

Holt said that “real talk” means coming to terms with reality.

“After the game I asked them show of hands how many was this their first time starting? I think we had five on offense and nine on defense,” Holt said. “That’s a lot of inexperience and it showed. The kids played hard, they did some good things, but they have to understand our room for improvement is big.”

After recovering the onside kick, the Blue Devils marched down the field and took an early 6-0 lead. This was after an offside penalty on fourth down prolonged the drive.

Things didn’t get any better on offense.

On their first drive the Eagles committed four penalties, including one that nullified a 50-yard pass from Isaih Hubbard to Bralyn Robinson.

Penalties, bad snaps and turnovers continued to plague them the rest of the half and they entered the break trailing 13-0.

In the second half they found life, driving to the five-yard line. However, the result would be a turnover on downs. That trend would continue the rest of the game as they finished with three drives inside the 15 that resulted in no points, while also committing three turnovers, including a pick-six.

“Offensively we have a lot to fix, it wasn’t just one thing,” Holt said. “We did some good things, made some big plays, but it was one step forward two steps back the whole night. Three drives inside the 15 without points, it’s hard to win doing that.”

Their lone touchdown of the night came on a pass from Hubbard to Robinson in the fourth quarter.

Losses are never welcomed, but Holt was quick to point out that this one could be a positive.

“If you’re going to take a loss, now is the time to do it,” he said. “This could be a good thing for us, we can use it as something to build on. But it’s an only a good thing if we use it that way.”

East Lawrence will be on the road again next week at West Morgan, who opened the season with an 34-28 upset win over Good Hope.

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