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RA Hubbard football players pose with the team's Chucky doll that they carry to games during their 7 -on- 7 game against Lawrence County Wednesday at Lawrence County High School. [DAN BUSEY/DECATUR DAILY]

Sitting there watching as R.A. Hubbard goes through practice, the Chiefs have a special new friend this year. 

Don't let his small stature or big smile fool you though, this new friend is anything but a good guy.

Joining the Chiefs at their practices, and possibly even games this fall, is Chucky. 

You know Chucky right? The antagonist in the popular horror franchise Child's play. He's a good guy doll with bad intentions, which is exactly what the Hubbard football team hopes to be this fall. 

Purchased by senior Montoya Kellogg, he hopes it adds an edge to the Chiefs, while also signaling to opponents that they mean business. 

"It's intimidation. To scare teams," said Kellogg. "We want to let people know we're serious and we didn't come to talk. We'll let it do the talking for us." 

Anyone that has seen Child's play movie, any of the sequels, or just the doll itself will know how creepy the thing is. 

Fellow senior Ca'Ni McCoy put it in simple terms. 

"If you see somebody walking out there with that, then you know he's crazy," he said. "What's more intimidating than that?" 

The Chiefs are entering the season after they finished 8-2 in the regular season last year, but got upset at home in the first round of the playoffs. Hubbard has something to prove this year, and they will be led by a nasty front seven that Kellogg said in the spring he would put up against anybody. 

"Our secondary is young but they're coached well," Kellogg said. "It's up to us (defensive line and linebackers) to pick up the slack, and allow those guys to grow. I think a lot of teams are going to find that running the ball on us is going to be hard." 

Kellogg mans one of the hybrid outside linebacker/strong safety spots, a position he says you have to be wild and crazy to play. Another symbol of what the Chucky doll represents. 

"All our outside linebackers/strong safeties have to be dawgs," he said. "If you a soft linebacker or strong safety then you ain't no good. You have to play wild and loose and can't be scared to hit." 

Don't be surprised to see the Chucky doll roaming the hallways of R.A. Hubbard high school with Kellogg this fall. As long as it doesn't become too freaky that is. 

"First day of school I'm going to carry it and if there's no problems I'll keep it with me." 

Of course, Chucky is known in the movies for causing a  few problems, to say the least. Kellogg is sure to be keeping one eye on his new friend. 

"I'm going to tell you the truth. The other night I was alseep and it was storming and I woke up because I swear I thought I heard it move," he laughed. "I told my mom and she said I had to get it out of the house." 

If some weird things do arise, don't expect Kellogg to make unwise decisions such as the characters do in the movies. 

"I'm not sure what I would do, because I'm going to be honest it's scary. If it starts moving I'm going to be booking it that's for sure." 

Hopefully Chucky can behave long enough for the Chiefs to put together a memorable 2019 campaign. 

Hubbard will open their season on Thursday, August 22 at Cherokee. 

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