Covid-19 has unfortunately forced the cancellation of our spring sports, giving us not much to look forward to. April is not really the time to be looking ahead to football, but we haven’t been really given a choice. In these days of self isolation with our sports taken away we are in desperate need of something to look forward to. So with that being said we’re going to be looking at some of the biggest games the 2020 season will offer us. 

The 2020 season will bring plenty of  new things and a lot of excitement. East Lawrence has a new coach and due to new region realignments all local teams will have a bevy of new teams to face off with. Here are some of the biggest games to look forward to in 2020. 

East Lawrence vs. West Morgan 8/28

There’s no love lost between these two rivals who are separated by just a few miles and a count line. Now after two years away they will finally be meeting again. 

In their last meeting West Morgan ran away with the game en route to an 8-2 season a region title while East Lawrence finished the season winless. That was two years ago and things have changed a lot. The Eagles are coming off their best season in two decades and expectations are high under new head coach Bo Culver. Luckily for fans, this game is in week two so they won’t have to wait long to see these two go at it. 

Hatton vs. East Lawrence 9/25

The Hornets just can’t draw a break. For the past two seasons they’ve been in one of the toughest regions around and it didn’t get any easier with the new realignments. In fact, it most likely got tougher with the loss of Addison but the addition of Mars Hill. 

This game has been in the middle of the season the past two years and has served as a catalyst for both teams. Two years ago Hatton used a win to rebound from a 1-3 start to finish 6-4. Last year East Lawrence used a win to finish 5-5 for the first time in decades. 

The game is a great county rivalry, but the implications of what a win could mean for both team’s seasons can’t be ignored. 

R.A. Hubbard vs. Sheffield 8/21 

The last of the nonregion games on the list, something has to give here. The rivalry between the two teams is growing but the Bulldogs have managed to win both of their encounters the last two years. On the other hand, Hubbard has started each of the past two seasons with big wins. Which one will give? Only time will tell but it’s going to be fun to watch. 

Lawrence County vs. East Limestone 10/2

After two seasons of not being in a region together the Red Devils and Indians are back together. The last time the two met as region foes, an upset by East Limestone almost ended the Red Devils’ playoff hopes. This game is set up in a similar time at the beginning of October. Lawrence County hasn’t made the playoffs since. Could this game be a catalyst in turning that around? It’s surely possible. 

East Lawrence vs. Lauderdale County 9/4

With Westminster moved up to 4A, Lauderdale County will seemingly be the favorite to win the region again. East Lawrence actually played the Tigers better than any other team in the region last year. Expectations are high for the Eagles this year and this game will give us the indicator of how the season might go. 

R.A. Hubbard vs. Decatur Heritage 10/9

Last season Decatur Heritage barely eeked out a win over the Chiefs. The Eagles went on to finish undefeated and win the region title, while  Hubbard just missed out on the playoffs. I expect the same close game this year, but this time a region championship may be on the line. 

Hatton vs. Sheffield 10/23

The last two seasons have been the same. In what could be the toughest region in 2A, this game has decided a playoff spot. Sheffield has managed to win both, but the old saying is third time’s the charm. 

Lawrence County vs. Russellville 9/18

It’s hard to have a list like this and not include this game. The Red Devils and Golden Tigers have carved out one of the best rivalries in North Alabama. The energy of this game should be off the chart as Red Devil players feel as if they were robbed of a win last year. This one is going to be a lot of fun to look forward to. 

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