East Lawrence falters vs. West Morgan

Coleman Garner pitches for East Lawrence

The East Lawrence Eagles struggled a bit when they fell to countyline rival West Morgan last Thursday.

The Rebels got up on the Eagles early 5-0. East Lawrence battled back to make it 5-5, but couldn’t keep their momentum. Mistakes and errors allowed the Rebels to take back control and they went on to win 16-6. 

“We’ve got good kids and they’re playing hard,” said head coach Zach Standridge. “But we’re young and inexperienced.” 

East Lawrence finished with a total of seven errors, while West Morgan had none. That can make it tough to win ballgames. 

“The things we’re seeing are what young, inexperienced teams do,” Standridge said. “We’re making a lot of silly mistakes and errors. That you  just don’t see a lot with veteran players like we had last year. Sometimes it can be a painful learning curve.” 

East Lawrence did fight back after getting down 5-0 in the first inning. Preston Hood connected with an RBI single in the first inning and also had a sacrifice RBI in the second. Zac Shelton had an RBI single and took more players walked on bases loaded to tie the game up. 

The fight to come back was a positive that Standridge took from the game. 

“That’s four games now where we’ve dug ourselves a hole but we’ve fought back,” he said. “Our kids don’t quit, they keep battling and as a coach that’s encouraging to see. If we continue to learn and cut down on mistakes we’ll be okay.” 

East Lawrence is replacing a lot of players off last year’s team, meaning they’re more like the inexperienced team that Standridge inherited two years ago. However, he says that this team is way ahead of where that one was at this time. 

“There’s a lot of similarities to what I had two years ago. Sometimes you just forget the maturity level on the field of the veteran players we had last year,” he said. “But while it’s a very similar situation I feel like our ceiling is higher with this team. I think we can get where we want to be, it’ll just take some time.”

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