The Trench Gang is here:Eagles’ strength will come from big offensive line

East Lawrence will return all five starting offensive lineman this season. Pictured above from right: Left tackle Blaine Fagan, left guard Aureliano Romero, center Dakota Hamilton, right guard Gabe Terry and left tackle Zach Terry. 

Football is a game that is won in the trenches. It’s a true statement and one that the East Lawrence Eagles have taken to heart. 

The Eagles return five starting offensive lineman this year, and the benefits of head coach James Moore’s new weight program will benefit them greatly. 

“We’ve worked a lot over the offseason, our kids have really beefed up,” Moore said. “It’s huge for us and we have kids behind the starters that are just as good, which means these guys are going to have to compete. We didn’t have that last year and that is going to make us a lot better.” 

Heading up the starting five,  is left tackle Blaine Fagan, left guard Aureliano Romero, center Dakota Hamilton, right guard Gabe Terry and right tackle Zach Terry. They’ve created a new moniker for themselves, the Trench Gang, adding to what should be a big 2019 for them.

Moore’s offseason program has brought great benefits to the lineman as they enter their second season under him. 

“It feels different,” Hamilton said. “We’re a lot stronger and a whole lot bigger than we were last year.” 

“From last spring to this spring we have a better attitude,” added Romero. “We’re faster, stronger and more prepared.” 

The work in the offseason has added more confidence to an Eagles team that is ready to change the perception of the program. 

“I think this could be our year,” Romero said. “Everybody thinks that we’re the laughing stock of Lawrence County, but I think this year we have the chance to prove some people wrong.” 

That’s setting high expectations, but confidence is the key. If the Eagles are to change people’s outlooks this season it will  start with their work in the trenches. 

“When we got here I wanted our strength to be in our line,” Moore said. “I knew we had to build up our line to be successful.”

Experience will be the key for the Eagles up front in 2019.

“Last year I think it was a weakness because we were so young up front, starting four sophomores and a junior,” Moore said. “This year it’s going to be a senior and four juniors. They’ve got that experience, they’ve had a year to learn my offense and I think we will start to see the improvements this year.” 

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