Hornets invite Harlem Globetrotter to first boy’s basketball camp

The Hatton boy’s basketball program hosted the program’s first ever basketball camp this past week at Hatton High School. The camp featured varsity coaches and players putting campers through drills and exercises. The camp was headline by an appearance from current Harlem Globetrotter Siran “Turbo” Winston. 

Go big or go home right? 

Not a bad mindset for Hatton basketball head coach Tanner Tesney to have. 

The Hornet’s hosted their first ever boy’s basketball camp this past week. 

The big headine? An appearance by a current Harlem Globetrotter.

You know the Globetrotters? The professional entertainers/basketball players that go all over the world playing basketball and entertaining thousands. 

Siran Winston, or “Turbo” as he is known on the Globetrotter’s team, made a stop by the camp last Wednesday. 

A native of Russellville, Winston talked to the kids about important live lessons such as perseverance and battling adversity, all while showing off some of his signature tricks and skills. 

The visit was a special treat for the kids in attendance and something that head coach Tesney was glad to make happen. 

“Honestly I was probably more excited than they were,” Tesney laughed. “I grew up watching the Harlem Globetrotters. To be able to bring somebody like that to Hatton and for the kids to be able to see someone who grew up closeby in a small community as well and go on to be successful, it’s huge.” 

Tesney is coming off his first  season at the helm of the Hatton basketball program. 

He made a solid splash in his first year, earning not one but two wins over the East Lawrence Eagles (Hatton’s first in several years), and also coming within a point of knocking off Lawrence County and advancing to the Lawrence County tournament finals. 

Now, with a season under his belt, Tesney wants to begin working on building the program. Starting the program’s first ever boy’s basketball camp was a big first step. 

“It’s really about getting them more familiar with the game,” Tesney said. “You want them to come out here, have fun and make them want to go home and shoot in the driveway.” 

The old saying is that you don’t build a program from the bottom down, but rather from the bottom up. 

“Any great program right now in the state of Alabama starts their kids young,” he said. “They identify and the kids start playing as young as they can.” 

Tesney feels that interest in playing basketball at a young age locally could be slipping away, and he hopes to spark that interest back up with the camp. 

“The days of playing basketball in the driveway seem to be  going away,” he said. “Doing this, getting them interested at a young age is a big step for our program. You’re either getting worse or getting better and I believe, by doing this, we’re getting better and pushing ourselves in the right direction.” 

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Not the first camp ever. Hatton used to have nicely attended basketball camps every summer under Coach Rory Carpenter. Sonny Conwill hosted a few as well.

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