D190921 Falkville vs RA Hubbard

RA Hubbard head coach Mac Hampton shouts instructions to his players during the game in Falkville on Friday. [JERONIMO NISA/DECATUR DAILY]

The 2020 season will bring a lot of change for football in Lawrence County as it’s been two years since the last schedule change. Every 2 years there is a new realignment. With it comes new regions and schedules. 

None of the county teams moved to a new reclassification, but there were a lot of changes in the regions, giving them a fresh set of opponents. 

Here’s what the 2020 schedules look like and the top takeaways from each. 

Lawrence County 

8/28 at Hazel Green

9/4 at West Point

9/11 at Ardmore*

9/18 vs. Russellville*

9/25 @ Westminster Christian 

10/2 vs. East Limestone* 

10/9 @ Lee Huntsville*

10/16 vs. Mae Jemison*

10/23 vs. Brewer *

10/30 vs. Danville 

Who they kept: West Point, Russellville

Who they lost: Madison Academy, Hayden, Dora, Decatur, Jasper, Hamilton, Corner, Rogers 

Takeaway: Lawrence County has a completely different schedule than teh past two years, but still has a lot of familiar foes. Teams like East Limestone, Lee and Mae Jemison are opponents the Red Devils have faced in the past. 

Other takeaways are they are in just a 7 team region, and their out of region schedule is much easier than in years past. 

East Lawrence 

8/21 vs. Sulligent

8/28 vs. West Morgan 

9/4 vs. Lauderdale County* 

9/11 Open

9/18 at Danville*

9/25 at Hatton 

10/2 vs. Elkmont* 

10/9 @ Clements *

10/16 @ Phil Campbell*

10/23 vs. Colbert Heights*

10/29 @ Sheffield 

Who they kept: Lauderdale County, Hatton, Clements, Phil Campbell and Colbert Heights

Who they lost: St. John Paul II, Locust Fork, Lexington, Westminster Christian and R.A. Hubbard 

East Lawrence will be breaking in a new coach in 2020. The good news is, whoever that coach is, will be inheriting a team that went .500 for the first time in 21 years in 2019 and a team that returns around 30 seniors. 

The new coach will also inherit a manageable region. East Lawrence will be the largest 3A school in 2020 and they lose out of their region Westminster, the region champions in 2018 and 2019. 


8/28 at Central Florence 

9/4 at Winston County 

9/11 vs. Mars Hill*

9/18 at Colbert County* 

9/25 vs. East Lawrence 

10/2 at Lexington*

10/9 vs. Red Bay*

10/16 at Tharptown*

10/23 vs. Sheffield *

10/30 at Clements 

Who they kept: Red Bay, Sheffield, Colbert County, East Lawrence, Tharptown and Clements

Who they lost: West Morgan, Tanner, Lexington, Addison 

Takeaway: Out of the oven and into the fire, that’s what it must feel like for Hatton right now. The Hornets have the toughest pound for pound region in the county the past two years and it didn’t get any easier. In fact, it might have gotten tougher. 

Hatton lost Addison, but gained Mars Hill. The powerhouse private school is coming off two straight trips to the class 1A state championship. 

The goods news is that instead of playing three of their toughest region games in the first four games, they will be a bit more spread out. 

R.A. Hubbard**

8/21 Sheffield 

8/28 Colbert County

9/4 Cherokee*

9/11 Hackleburg*

9/18 Phillips*

9/25 Open

10/2 Vina*

10/9 Decatur Heritage*

10/16 Waterloo*

10/23 Shoals Christian* 

10/30 New Hope

Who they kept: Cherokee, Sheffield, Decatur Heritage, Shoals Christian 

Who they lost: Coosa Christian, Falkville, Gaylesville, Woodville, Valley Head, East Lawrence

Takeaway: Luckily for R.A. Hubbard the Chiefs are in a better region for both the players and fans. 

Instead of being put with the Northeast region they will be back closer to home and will not be forced to travel as far for away games. 

Other than that, not much changes. Decatur Heritage still looks to be the team to beat, just as they were last year. 

*Denotes region game

**Home/Away not known at this time

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