It’s that time of year again that fans in Lawrence County look forward to all year. 

The Lawrence County tournament is set to take place this weekend, and hopefully will bring just as much excitement as in years past. 

This year will be the 90th anniversary of the tournament. 


The Lawrence County tournament is the county’s annual basketball tournament that takes place every January. 

A champion of Lawrence County has been crown in basketball every year since 1931. 


The tournament features the varsity boys, varsity girls, JV boys and JV girls of the four Lawrence County High Schools. Those schools are Lawrence County High School, East Lawrence High School, Hatton High School and R.A. Hubbard High School. 

The tournament used to feature seven teams and last a week long. It was cut down to four when Hazlewood was consolidated into R.A. Hubbard, Mt. Hope into Hatton and Speake into Lawrence County. 


This year’s tournament will take place at Lawrence County High School. This will be the first time the cycle starts over since it started rotating and was first hosted at Lawrence County High School in 2015. 

The tournament used to be held every year at A.W. Todd Coliseum in Moulton, but was moved in 2015 due to aging. It now rotates between the four high schools. Lawrence County started the rotation in 15 and it moved to East Lawrence, Hatton and R.A. Hubbard respectively.

 Last year Hubbard chose to have it held at the historic Hazlewood High School. 


The tournament will begin Thursday night and go through Saturday night. The semi final games will take place on Thursday and Friday and the finals on Saturday. 

The schedule for each night is 3 p.m. for JV girls, 4:30 for JV boys, 6 for varsity girls and  7:30 for varsity boys. 

The semi final matchups for varsity boys and girls are as followed. 


1. Hatton vs. 4. East Lawrence (varsity girls)

1. Lawrence County vs. 4. East Lawrence (varsity boys)


2. Lawrence County vs. 3. R.A. Hubbard (varsity girls)

2. R.A. Hubbard vs. 3. Hatton (varsity boys)

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