In Lawrence County, rivalries between the four schools run deep. 

Whether it be football, basketball or any other sport, the intensity when two county schools meet each other is unmatched 

But as intense as their rivalries may be on the field or court, off the field it's like one great big family. 

Tragedy struck the small community of R.A. Hubbard this week when a car crash claimed the lives of Chief football stars DJ Wiggins and Javion Brown. Thursday a memorial service was held at R.A. Hubbard High School and in attendance were coaches and players from the other three county schools.

Lawrence County, East Lawrence and Hatton players walked in side by side, wearing their home jerseys, in a show of unified support for their fellow county school. 

"It was indescribable," said Hatton head coach Denton Bowling. "Everyone has their community, everyone bleeds their school colors, but at the end of the day everyone represents the 42." 

Bowling is the longest tenured football coach in the county and also one of three coaches that graduated from a county school different from where they coach.

"I played at Lawrence County and coach at Hatton, Mac (Hampton) played at East Lawrence and coaches Hubbard and Coach (Bo) Culver played at Hatton and now coaches at East Lawrence," Bowling said. "We all know firsthand the brotherhood of this county. Coach (Trent) Walker may be the new face, but he wasted no time jumping in. It's just what we do here." 

Walker is the new coach of Lawrence County, and although he hails from Cullman, he felt firsthand Thursday the bond that runs through Lawrence County. 

"As soon as this happened the first thing that ran through all these coaches’ minds is we wanted to do something united," Walker said. "This community went through a terrible tragedy and today, seeing all the schools in different colors, you could just feel everyone sharing in that grief." 

In addition to showing up in support, coaches from the various schools went to work after the program, cutting and painting the football field in preparation for the funeral services that will take place this weekend.

"Life is about others and serving and helping," said Bo Culver. "We can't put ourselves in their shoes.  But what we can do is help them, love them and be there for them." 

R.A. Hubbard coach Mac Hampton said the memorial service and the gestures made by the county schools showed just how special Lawrence County is. 

"It shows the caliber of people in this county and where people’s hearts are," Hampton said. "You can't put something together like this and it not be heartfelt. We really have people that have hearts of gold."

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