Eagles go through productive 7 on 7 against West Morgan

East Lawrence's Hunter Letson 

The East Lawrence Eagles hosted West Morgan last week in a 7 on 7 to much success. 

The Eagles were crisp in the tea portion, even scoring three touchdowns in 10 plays on one offensive series. 

“I loved our competitiveness, I thought we really competed out there,” said East Lawrence head coach James Moore. “Last year we had a problem with that, but today we really went out there and played with a purpose.” 

That playing with a purpose is something that Moore has been stressing as he enters his second year at the helm for the Eagles. 

“This year we’re working on doing things with a purpose and that purpose is getting better in each and everything we do,” he said. “I think we’re starting to turn the corner. I’m seeing guys now, doing things that we weren’t doing last year. We’ve got 19 starters back so we’re older and I think we’re taking that next step, we’re not there yet but we’re turning the corner.” 

The strength of the Eagles’ team will be up front in the trenches, but the 7 on 7 drills allowed them to get some important practice with their skill positions. 

“Our strength is going to be in our lineman because we’re about 10 deep, but if we can get our skill guys to that level we’ve got a chance to be pretty decent,” Moore said. “Those guys up front are gonna bust their tails for us, so we have to bust our tails for them.” 

Among the best parts of the day was the route running of the receivers. The routes were crisp and on point, and were a big plus of the day. 

Who will be throwing to those receivers is still up in the air. Levi Barnes and Hunter Letson are entrenched in a battle  just like they were last year. Barnes won last year but got hurt early, as did Letson. 

Each has their pros, as Letson quarterbacked the most successful series, but Barnes made the biggest play. 

“Levi had the best throw of the day, but I thought Hunter played really well, throwing three touchdowns in 10 plays,” Moore said. “I thought Hunter did a good job shaking off some early struggles and overall I was pleased with the play of both of them.” 

In the end, the job could come down to getting the best players on the field. Being of the school’s best athletes, Barnes could line up at plenty of positions besides quarterback and still make an impact. 

“The positive to it is that if Hunter is the quarterback, Levi can help us at a lot of other places on the field,” Moore said. “Sometimes you have to look at how can we get our best 11 on the field. There’s still a battle and they’re still neck and neck, but that’s something that we’re looking at.” 

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