Cattleman’s Rodeo rescheduled for September

Scenes from the 2019 Cattleman's Rodeo


One of Lawrence County’s most anticipated summer events will unfortunately be getting a season change this year. 

The annual Lawrence County Cattleman’s Association Rodeo, which takes place every year on the first weekend in June, has now been moved to the last weekend in September. 

Marsha Terry, whose family hosts the Rodeo each year at the Iron Rail Arena, confirmed the move in an interview Tuesday morning. 

“As of right now we still plan on having the rodeo, but we have moved it to that last Saturday in September,” Terry said. “We talked with our contractors and we just felt that was the best thing for us to do.” 

The change is of course in a response to Covid-19, or the Coronavirus. Several events since the pandemic started in March have been either canceled or rescheduled, with the rodeo being the latest. 

Alabama was under a stay at home order for almost all of April. The order was lifted on April 30, but was replaced with a safer at home order that runs through May 15. Things have seemed to get better though and most expect the state to slowly reopen once the order is lifted. 

But despite that states expected reopening by the first weekend in June, Terry says it’s too close and there’s still too much uncertainty to risk trying to have it that weekend. 

“We rely a lot on our sponsors and right now with as long as we’ve been in shutdown it can be a hardship on them,” she said. “We also still just don’t know if we would be able to have it that weekend and we simply can’t wait till right until it happens to find out. So we felt the best solution is to just postpone.” 

While it will certainly be a change, Terry says it’s something they’ve faced before and that they’re just happy to still be able to have it. 

“It’s definitely different, but we’ve had rodeos in the fall before so it’s something we’re prepared for,” she said. “Right now we’re just blessed and thankful that we were able to just postpone it and not cancel.”

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