Aldridge and Murray fight off cautions to secure wins

The Moulton Speedway hosted another race Friday that resulted in some exciting wins. It will be their last race for two weeks. They will resume on July 12. 

It was a hot and humid day to say the least Friday, but still a good night for racing at the Moulton Speedway. 

It was also, apparently, a good night for caution flags. 

In two of the featured races of the night, factory stock and 602, caution flags plagued the races, leading to plenty of restarts. 

That didn’t deter Levi Aldridge and Jamie Murray, as both weathered the storm to come out with victories in their respective races. 

Aldridge pulled out a win in the factory stock race, which was the first featured race of the night. With enough cautions that resulted in four racers not even finishing the race, Aldridge held off Chase Aldridge and Dale Gray to win. 

In the 602 race, Murray, in the same boat as Aldridge, fought an early portion of yellows to roll to victory as the double checkered flags waived. 

The races provided plenty of drama in what was the Speedway’s last race for a couple of weeks. 

There will be no races at the Speedway this week or next and it will pick back up the week after Fourth of July. 

For a full recap of the night’s races look below: 

604 race: 

1. Cruz Skinner

2. Jayden Frame

3. Grey Wilhite

4. Mike Combs

5. Travis Smith

6. Mike Henry

7. Jonathan Nelms

8. Zack Graham 

Mini Stock race: 

1. Shane Workman

2. Tyler Harrison 

3. Mike Gaines

4. Micheal Nelms

5. Dylan Baus

6. Johnathan Horton

7. Todd Laymon

8. Nick Busby

9. Matthew Peffer

10. Alex Kirby

11. Jason James

Hot shot race: 

1. Josh Childers

2. Cody Wellington 

3. Shannon Orr

4. Derrick Bearden

5. Issac Gibson 

602 race: 

1. Bryan Murray

2. Alan Bruton

3. Randy Alexander

4. Austin Steele

5. Cruz Wallace

6. Logan Moore

7. Jeremy Boyd

Factory Stock race: 

1. Levi Aldridge

2. Chase Aldridge 

3. Dale Gray

4. Jordan Phillips

5. Dallas Thompson

6. Dakota BlagBurn

7. Riley Terry

8. Colton Adkins*

9. Bryan Phillips *

10. Michael Smith*

11. Bryan Story*

12. Randall Gibson** 

13. Russ White**

* Did not finish

** Did not start

Modified Sportsman race: 

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