To say it was a tough year for R.A. Hubbard would be quite the understatement. 

Tragedy struck the small community over the summer when a car wreck claimed the lives of two Hubbard football players, DJ Wiggins and Javion Brown. 

The remaining Chief players were left with the realization that not only would they have to move on without their friends and teammates, but they would also have to raise their level of play in order to overcome the loss of two stars. 

They did just that, overcoming the odds to reach the playoffs for the third time in four years. 

Two players in particular had tremendous seasons, quarterback Keyondrick “Cookie” Cobb and defensive lineman Montavious Orr. 

Cobb finished the year with 1,850 passing yards, 20 touchdowns and four interceptions. He also rushed for 894 yards and 12 touchdowns. He did this while splitting time on defense, where he was a first team All-State defensive back.

Orr had a dominant season along the defensive front, amassing 108 tackles, 23 tackles for loss, 12 sacks, six forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. He was a first team All-State defensive linemen. 

Because of their seasons, Cobb and Orr were chosen as The Moulton Advertiser offensive and defensive county players of the year. 

“They both had good seasons. Being first team All-State players speaks for itself,” said R.A. Hubbard head coach Mac Hampton. “Cookie stepped up and really owned the quarterback position. Motavious was dominant up front. I’m very proud of both.” 

Cobb faced a difficult situation. Not only did he have to step into the QB role as a senior, he also had to step into the role left by Wiggins. 

“To me that was what was remarkable about his whole season,” Hampton said. “He had some reps at QB before but nothing like this year. But after the tragedy he stepped in and just owned the role. He really made the offense go.” 

For several seasons Hampton had been high on the potential Montavious Orr had. 

This year he finally realized it. 

“I always told him that if he ever just got out of his own way he would be unstoppable. I think this year he finally saw that,” Hampton said. “The light clicked and you saw it in some of the plays he made.” 

Hampton said having two players earn such honors was special to the Hubbard community. 

“I would like to say it shows we’re doing things right here,” said Hampton. “It really shows the culture here in the communities of Courtland and Town Creek.” 

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