Lawrence County goes under the lights

Lawrence County senior offensive and defensive lineman Brody Franks maxes out on a power clean

Lawrence County closed their summer Friday under the spotlight, literally.

To officially bring to a close the summer portion of the football program, Lawrence County went under the lights of Red Devil stadium. The Devils brought their weight room equipment out to the track, and allowed their players to go for new maxes in bench press and power clean under the lights and in front of a crowd. 

It’s a different approach that head coach Rich Dutton uses. 

“We did it a few years ago. It’s a voluntary setup,” said Dutton. “This is Red Devil test week and a lot of kids finished up on Wednesday. But some wanted to get out here and have another chance to improve their scores.” 

Dutton picked up the strategy while he was an assistant at Austin High School. It’s a way to get kids under the lights before the season begins. 

“Anytime you can get them under the bright lights before real competition and let them get that anxiety out of the way is a plus,” he said. “There’s a little psychology to it, it’s good to have some stress under the lights. But it’s also a fun thing to do.” 

Lawrence County gets this week off before they start fall camp on Monday. Dutton wants to see his team get rested well beforehand. 

“The players should be focused on rest. We’ve had an exceptional summer, the players have really worked hard, but this is the last time we’ll put that high percentage weight on the rack until after the season,” he said. “As a coaching staff we lost a great coach in coach (Josh) Graham that took another good opportunity, so as a coaching staff we can’t take that time off, we have to cover that loss as efficiently as possible.” 

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