Cattleman’s Rodeo earns big success in 2019

Miss Rodeo USA Heather Morrison presents the colors. 

The Cattleman’s Rodeo is one of the highlight events in Lawrence County, but this year the rodeo achieved even more success. 

With attendance numbers that exceeded previous years, the heads of the event and member of the cattleman’s association were as happy as can could be. 

“It was a great weekend. The attendance numbers were great,” said Marsha Terry, who helps organize the event each year. 

“We were really blessed and no we’re really tired,” laughed Terry. 

The event had all the usual acclimates, while also serving up some new and fresh performances. 

“The horses were bucking good, the barrell races were great and of course the Saturday night bull riding was a highlight,” Terry said. “Jerry Thornton and his horse were a fan favorite. The fans were in a complete awe.” 

Also in attendance was 2019 Miss Rodeo USA Heather Morrison, who played a big part in the weekend’s festivities. 

“My daughter is a former miss rodeo so we were familiar with how that works and we booked her for this year,” said Terry. “She’s the face of Rodeo so it was fantastic to have her.” 

But in the end, what the event’s overall success came down to was the associations new advertising ways they tried. 

“Facebook was huge,” Terry said. “I stood at the gate taking money and I asked the majority of the people that came through how they heard about us. I would say about 95% said through facebook.” 

In today’s modern world of technology and social media, the association was able to scale back on their advertising expenses, while still creating more success in their attendance numbers. 

“We made a goal to spend less money on advertising. So we explored some different avenues of advertising and I think it worked out well. The stories from The Moulton Advertiser helped a lot, I had many people mention them.” 

The association will hold a board meeting Thursday to tally up their total once they have paid all their expenses. 

When it’s all said and done, the rodeo will more likely than not, have been a huge success. 

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