The Alabama High School Athletic Association, or AHSAA, will hold a press conference this Thursday at 1 pm. 

It is expected that a “Return to Play” plan for football and other fall sports will be unveiled. 

The AHSAA board is meeting Wednesday to finalize plans. 

It is expected that the plan will allow for things to remain on schedule, with little to no alterations. 

Football practice in Alabama is supposed to begin Monday July 27. 

First reported by the Opelika-Auburn news, AHSAA Executive director Steve Savarese spoke at the Fox Sports 910-1310 AM The Game High School Football Media Days in Opelika on Tuesday and discussed the athletic association’s plans moving forward.

“Our board (Wednesday) will be presented with a plan. We are going to hold a press conference Thursday at 1 o’clock, and Thursday at 1 o’clock we will release our plan for return to play – but it is a return-to-play (plan); it’s not a delay document. It’s not a document that will say we’re not playing sports. We will have a return-to-play document,” Savarese said in the interview according to the Auburn-Opelika News. “Now, that can be tweaked by the board. We’ll have a work session (Tuesday night). We’ll meet again tomorrow, and we’ll finalize that document. We’ll probably have to tweak it again after the board meeting, and that’s why our press conference will be Thursday.” 

Alabama will be the next in a long line of southeast and southern states that have announced their plans for fall sports. 

Pertaining to football, Georgia and Mississippi announced a full regular season with a two week delay, season beginning on September 4. 

Florida announced football will start on time, with option to  change if necessary. Texas announced that half their schools classifications will start at the end of August with the other half at the end of September. 

The press conference will bring to and ends weeks of speculation regarding what the AHSAA would do regarding fall sports.

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